Gain an advantage with portfolio allocation tools inspired by the legendary hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller.

Druckenmiller's approach to recognizing strong momentum across currencies, equities, and commodities is embedded in Riskdials. The platform helps you identify trading edges in major asset classes so you can make portfolio decisions like a world class hedge fund manager.
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Meet the Architects
Nick Givanovic
A veteran bond trader with JP Morgan and Salomon Brothers, Nick Givanovic retired from managing external funds in 2001 to lead his family office.
Robson Chow
With a background spanning buy-side equity research, investment research for family offices, and risk management at energy trading firms, Robson Chow brings a wealth of experience to Riskdials.

How does Riskdials research empower your trading?

Riskdials offers a sophisticated toolkit designed to help traders and investors capitalize on momentum differences across various asset classes. Explore the impact of our institutional-grade research on your investment journey.
Harness a proven momentum strategy inspired by Stanley Druckenmiller, and capitalize on momentum differences across diverse asset classes
Navigate markets with confidence using our quantitative-driven approach, derived from historical data, to eliminate emotional biases in decision-making.
Gain clarity with research reports delivering clear, objective, and actionable analysis, free from narrative and hype.
Accelerate your learning curve as we distill decades of real-world research and trading experience from our analysts.

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Risk-on/Risk-off Model

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Better Asset Allocation
Our model guides you through asset allocation decisions within your portfolio by analyzing price and volatility relationships.
  • Receive clear portfolio recommendations, such as buying dividend stocks or reducing exposure to equities and increasing cash holdings.
  • Know when to exit high duration equity investments to avoid potential portfolio allocation mistakes caused by heightened volatility.
  • The model updates daily, pinpointing the best asset allocation tailored to current market conditions.
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Asset Spread Ratios Report

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Strategy Returns
The Spread Ratio Advantage
Our spread ratios give traders sector-and-asset-specific risk scores so that they can adjust exposures to various asset classes based on relative risk and opportunity levels.
  • Determine whether sentiment for specific sectors and asset classes is bullish, bearish, or neutral.
  • Avoid risk and locate opportunities by identifying assets experiencing unusual volatility.
  • See how current risk scores of specific assets relate to their likely future performance.
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US Equities Research Reports

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Strategy Returns
S&P 500 Forecasts
Our daily reports meticulously summarize the Riskdials Model's output, breaking down each aspect to help you understand their implications for the S&P 500 in returns, volatility, and risk.
  • Gain realistic performance expectations and market risk assessments for the S&P 500.
  • Explore heatmaps quantifying relative returns and realized volatility of the S&P 500.
  • Use our visualizations to pinpoint Risk-Off moments when the expected realized volatility of the S&P 500 significantly deviates from the normal market volatility.
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Trends Report

Tradewell isolated reisk-reward scatterplot
Strategy Returns
Discover Major Trend Shifts
Our Trends Report helps you spot securities undergoing the most significant trend changes in the market.
  • The black horizontal line represents the mean forward return of the trading signals generated by your backtest
  • The green horizontal line represents the average forward return of all the data points in the lookback period
  • The separation between the two lines helps to identify whether the means of the two data sets are different.
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