Generate return price paths

Learn how our price movement tools can help you anticipate how the returns of the security you're trading may unfold over time.

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Project forward — then visualize price movement

Average Path Forward
Render forward performance
Depict how security returns typically unfold over time after your trading signal occurs
  • Select your signals and run a backtest
  • The app will display the average  60-day historical return path of the backtested security whenever the signal has appeared
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Append return paths

Confidence Intervals
Model normalized movement
Visualize the historical bounds of returns over time at various probabilities
  • The middle line depicts the mean forward return path over time
  • The upper and lower intervals respectively represent the 95th and 5th percentiles of return paths
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Easily identify return outliers

Path Max and Min
Visualize extremes
Add the maximum and minimum historical returns — or specific percentiles — to the forward return profile in order to see how they have unfolded over time
  • Visualize the maximum and minimum return paths for greater granularity
  • Toggle additional percentile thresholds using the legend at the bottom of the chart
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