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Tradewell is an analytics suite designed to enable investors to make data driven decisions

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“A fantastic tool for investors looking for a no-code backtesting tool. Tradewell allows me to make evidence-based trading decisions!”
Andrew O'Connell
Ryan Salvador
Volatility Trader
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Research platform

Software to backtest without coding

Effortlessly backtest strategies against historical data to validate your trading ideas.

Start backtesting—it's free

Consolidated dataSETS

Backtest a wide range of datasets

A wide variety of datasets allows traders to backtest regardless of strategy or instrument traded.

Simple deployment

Backtest a variety of assets classes

Running backtest simulations without code and generating insights has never been so fast or easy.

Stock Backtesting

Backtest over 65,000+ tickers including US Equities, ETFs, Mutual Funds, and Chinese A-Shares.

Forex Backtesting

Backtest historical price data for nearly any forex pair, from commonly-traded pairs to exotics.

Crypto Backtesting

Backtest all major US traded futures including commodities, equity index, interest rates, and currency products.

Portfolio Backtesting

Backtest portfolio returns, drawdowns and risk characteristics of different portfolio strategies.

Data Visualization
See opportunity

Assess trade ideas based on evidence of an edge instead of gut feelings or rumors

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Mean return for AMZN when RSI(14) is between 0 and 30
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Return distribution for QQQ  when Liquidity Measure is between 0 and 10
Risk-Reward Analysis
Calculate odds

Quickly gauge whether probabilities favor success before you place a trade

Market Timing
Simulate movement

Pinpoint historical turning points to refine entry and exit strategies

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Forward returns for AAPL when Short Interest is between 30m and 40m
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Trade Ideas

"I like that members are willing to exchange trade ideas sourced on the platform."

Mike Broughton
Technical Trader

Quant Studies

"The learnings published to the knowledge repository have helped me level up my trading."

David Liu
Swing Trader

Backtest Studies

"Love knowing I can sign on and browse through an archive of pre-selected backtests."

Amit Patel
Macro Trader
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