Backtest your trading hypotheses

If you want to test a trading hypothesis or validate an investment idea — you found the right place. Here, you can do your best analysis fast, on a backtesting platform that never asks you to write a line of code.

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Define the parameters of your hypothesis

Tradewell backtesting user interface
Backtest Rules
Backtest without writing code
Tradewell can help you backtest quickly and easily because our platform features an intuitive, no-code interface.
  • Specify the financial assets and metrics in the hypothesis you are backtesting
  • Define the timeframe of historical data you plan to backtest
  • Refine your trading hypothesis with advanced settings such as converting metrics to a rate of change or declustering the signals that appear in your backtest
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Run your backtest to reveal signals

Tradewell backtesting strategy visualization
Trading Signals
Filter trading signals
Highlight data to reveal historical underlying tendencies such as directionality and volatility, then backtest the signals
  • Filter signal data that you wish to backtest
  • Ensure your backtest produces enough trading signals to generate statistical significance of results
  • Convert clusters of data into individual signals via advanced settings when needed
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View statistical properties of backtest

Tradewell screenshot profit table
Summary Table
Observe simulated results
Summary statistics help you determine whether an edge is truly present in your backtest results
  • Review the summary table to strengthen or reject your hypothesis tied to your signal data
  • Validate or refute whether a potential edge exists
  • Examine measures of historical volatility to evaluate upside and downside risk
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Start with the free version and then upgrade once you need to run backtests with longer lookback periods or against an expanded set of metrics.

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