Analyze spread relationships

Explore the relationship between two tradable assets and discover if their interplay has produced a history of profitable trading signals.

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Activate spreads —  then trade asset relationships

Chart Settings
Format your app
Convert the app to spread mode via the settings that appear when the gear icon is clicked
  • Choose the spread or ratio option from dropdown menu, depending on the type of relationship you intend to analyze
  • In the backtesting panel, add an underlying asset to the first ticker input
  • Add an additional asset to the second input and hit the update button
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Pick primary and secondary assets

Spread Chart
Visualize asset spreads
A table of statistics and a set of charts depicting the relationship between the two assets will appear
  • Simultaneously display the underlying and secondary assets
  • Visualize how the value between the underlying and secondary asset changes over time
  • Use the histogram to determine whether the current spread or ratio value is unusually high or low
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Validate ideas based on spreads

Tradewell screenshot profit table
Profitability Table
Backtest spread rules
Build and backtest spread or ratio-specific trading logic against historical datasets
  • Validate whether trading the underlying when specific spread or ratio values occur has constituted a opportunity
  • Run risk-reward analyses and additional data visualizations based on trading signals derived from spread or ratio values
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