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A trading edge is the advantage your trading hypothesis creates over randomly selected trades. This section contains  steps traders can take to identify and measure a trading edge, as well as an overview of the edge measurement capabilities featured on Tradewell.

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Build Tradewell trading strategy
Strategy Chart
Build your strategy
Backtest your chosen security with a diverse set of independent variables
  • Run a backtest to reveal the historical tendencies of securities under specific market conditions
  • Backtest results are displayed through a variety of data visualizations, including a scatter plot, probability distributions, historical simulations and summary tables.
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Plot relationships between metric and price

Tradewell risk reward scatterplot
Metric-Price Chart
Spot the pattern
Identify the relationship between the two variables
  • The signal data from your backtest appear on the scatter plot in the form of black dots
  • Normal return data are highlighted in the form of green dots
  • The horizontal lines display the mean values of the two data sets.
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Identify biases and anomalies

Tradewell isolated reisk-reward scatterplot
Strategy Returns
Validate your edge
Compare the average return of your trading hypothesis signals with the average return of all data
  • The black horizontal line represents the mean forward return of the trading signals generated by your backtest
  • The green horizontal line represents the average forward return of all the data points in the lookback period
  • The separation between the two lines helps to identify whether the means of the two data sets are different.
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