Get a tighter handle on risk-reward

Find out how visualizing the distribution of returns for a hypothesis can help you assess the risk of your next trade idea.

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Quantify the volatility of future returns

Tradewell screenshot profit table
Profit Table
Generate return data
Run a backtest of your chosen trading signals
  • The app will generate probability distributions that make it easy to compare whether the signals from your backtest produce historical returns that differ from the returns of normal market data
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Plot historical strategy returns

Tradwell risk-reward visualization
Distribution of Returns
Observe curve shape
Identify whether the data points plotted in the histogram resemble a specific type of distribution
  • Plot returns of the underlying based on the historical signal data derived from your backtest
  • Clearly see whether the distribution of backtested returns exhibits qualities like skewness
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Compare versus all data

Risk-reward visualization
Probability Distributions
Compare return distributions
Compare the probability distribution of the signal data to the probability distribution of all the data
  • Compare the returns of your backtest signals to the returns of all the data in order to identify differences in return profiles and volatility
  • The green histogram displays the frequency at which the entire data set produces returns of a given size during the backtest simulation
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